Retired….how is that possible!?!?

This month has been bittersweet.  I am no longer a homeschooling mom.  At least not in the active definition of the word.  How, no seriously, how did this happen?!?! When did my baby boys grow up?  When did I blink long enough for them to go from fun grade school age kiddos, to teenagers (yes, still teenagers), but to young adult men graduating from high school?  When?  I mean I will be the first to admit life has been a crazy, insane, and at moments psychotic adventure, but wow.  Just wow.

Can you tell that this is the bitter part?  I’m not ready to be done homeschooling, as if I had a say in the matter.  I’m not ready for my “babies” to be young adults.  I’m not ready to let go and let them live their lives without me being a huge part of it.  Ok, should I quit whining now?  Do I have to?  Ok, time to pull up the big girl panties and focus on the “sweet”.


Whoa Hoo!!  I’m free!!  Free as an eagle soaring through the sky.  I actually went crazy and got a part time job too.  I know it’s nuts!  But, I have survived raising three vivacious boys.  I get to go through boxes of stored homeschool materials and purge them out.  Hey! I’ll even get some storage room back!  Haha!

Strange new chapter of life. I know I’ll figure it out and find my way.  It’s a new adventure. Fun times to be had.  New things to try.

It’s amazingly bittersweet!

Be Blessed!!


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