Goals Update…in case your just a wee bit curious. :)

Hi Y’all!  I know what your thinking, “Oooo, another flash-bang post”, well….kinda.  Sorta.  No, not really.  Although, I would totally empathize and completely agree with you. I pop in, I pop out.  This crazy, wild, adventurous, sometimes-downright-“enough already” life.  It just really puts a road bump, okay, okay, a gigantic mountain peak, right smack dab in the middle of the road.  Oh, and just in case I missed that first one, it’s gonna put one here, and here and … well, you get the idea.  Because you have those crazy bumps , um, peaks too!  I’m actually planning/writing a post on this cause well, if you know me at all, you know that when I say peaks, I just might be being kind.

So, without further ado, an update, on all those insane goals I have for this year.

  1.  I plan to track (and I’ve already started a spreadsheet) our spending and ultimately learn where we are spending too much and where we should be spending more.  The grand goal here is to find ways to save, cut spending, and pay down debt. Haha!  Okay, so I started out great, but truth be told, entering everything into a spreadsheet each week became sheer drudgery.  Now, I am completely and totally open to suggestions on ways you have done this yourselves.  So, please, comment away with your wildly, creative ideas.  Inquiring minds want to know. 😉
  2. Keep the grocery and household budget to under $125.oo a week.  This may or may not be a lofty goal.  I am undecided here.  I’m trying to keep a closer eye on the cost of items and factor in those elements from #1 above.  Well, I may be breaking even on this one.  Truthfully, I have not sat down and figured it out, which is totally hogwash on my part.  Maybe that is part of the problem, I’ve been a fish, flopping out of water on this. :/
  3. Go on 26 dates with Mark.  As we are entering into this empty-ish nest phase of life (which is really, really strange) we are trying to do more fun things together.  Will all of our dates be fun? Well, not in the traditional sense of the word, but spending time together, even if it is at the local Menards, is fun for us!  Well, I have only credited us with one.  We’ve done a lot of stuff together, just the two of us (way more than the last 24+ years as parents), but I should probably amp the action up on this one.
  4. Get rid of 500 things.  I have already, as of this posting, gotten rid of 71 items.  We’ll see what I end with by the end of the year.  I have only evicted 115 items as of today.  This will be getting ratcheted up significantly now that we have finished homeschooling (more on that later).  
  5. Read 26 books.  I am more than half-way through book one, and I have a pile ready and waiting.  I’m really looking forward to this…I miss reading.  Six, that’s it.  Six.  In many ways it’s my own fault.  I sit down at night to “zone out” for a bit before bed and well, I don’t pick up a book.  I could.  I don’t.  As cheesy and whiny as it sounds, my eyes are too tired, words blur and cross, or the really fun part, go diagonal.  Yes, I’m wearing my reading glasses, and no, I’m not due for another exam until October.  It’s partially the prism in one lens, but see, I’m whining.  Moving on…
  6. Graduate my Cactus and my Opulent in May.  Finished!  While I technically graduated them June 1st, and their party was June 11th, they were finished with their work in May.  My babies graduate from high school this year!  Which also means I graduate from being a homeschool mom.  This goal comes with a few sub goals:
    1. Transcripts  Finished
    2. Senior pics  Finished
    3. Visit the local college – this still needs to be done, but they are both narrowed down to what they want to look into ~ whoop, whoop!
  7. Another blogger I adore Toni over at A Bowl Full of Lemons  She is a rockstar in the organization department!  Each year she hosts the Home Organization Challenge over on her website, and she has a book out by the same name, which is chock full of helpful tips, tricks and ideas.  I own the book and this year I am bound and determined to complete the entire challenge.  It is currently kitchen week and I am more than halfway through.  Yeah me!!  I’m hoping to get in on the October run of this challenge.  Not that I’m not going to work on stuff before hand. 😉
  8. My husband finally got me out hunting, and this year I did both bow hunting and gun hunting for deer.  Shhh, don’t tell him, but I actually enjoyed it!  While I may not have gotten a deer this year, I do have to agree with him, we need our own hunting land.  A place we can build a stand or too, maybe even a small cabin (we’ll see), but the point is, it’s time to start looking.  So the goal here is to start looking, seeing what is available and where, looking at price ranges, etc.  You know, the stuff you do when you buy property.  lol  We may not purchase this year, but we would like to be able to purchase land next year.  I did take a step towards achieving this goal, but it’s super secret right now.  😀
  9. Pass my Black Belt Test.  Yes, I started taking karate (our studio is a mix of disciplines) a couple of years ago and this year I am eligible to test for my black belt! :O  Of course, this means I have goals I have to complete before test time.  My sub goals for this goal:
    1. Pass the physical fitness test.  This is new this year to the black belt test and no one knows what all it will entail yet.  Finished!  And passed!  
    2. Spirit Goal ~ host a blood drive at the studio.  This is scheduled and in process of becoming a reality.   Finished! What an amazing experience!  I’ll do an entire post on this in the future.
    3. Mind Goal ~ Become a Signing Agent.  I still need to take the class and complete the state’s requirements, but I’m confident this will get done soon.  Finished!  I completed my exam, passed and I’m now legally qualified to do signings.  I’ll even do a post later on what the hubs and I are talking about doing with this one next.  😀
    4. Body Goal ~ Exercise 3 – 5 times per week for 90 days.  You would think going to classes, and walking the dog would count, but not for this one.  At least not how I’m defining it.  Those are certainly bonuses, but I want to improve my overall physical health and well-being so, not this time.  I have other items I’m doing for this one. 😀 Finished!  Although, I did make some modifications to the goal in conjunction with working with my doc, it is a finished goal and I’ll do a post on this in the future too. 😀
  10. Complete 2/3 of the home improvement projects that are either in progress or planned.  This may or may not be a lofty goal as well.  I’m undecided, especially since a whole boat-load of factors come into play.  The truth is, this list is probably ridiculously lofty!  If we get 1/2 of the items finished on this list by the end of the year, I will call it a win.  The items on the list include:
    1. Finish retaining wall
    2. Build greenhouse
    3. Build deck
    4. Redesign garden  Finished, and it’s planted too!
    5. Put in new garage doors and openers
    6. Finish Dining room revamp
    7. Finish Hoffa’s Hideout (another post on this one is altogether necessary!)
    8. Finish Kitchen remodel/revamp
    9. Revamp master bathroom
    10. Revamp staircase
  11. Finish Christmas gift for Mark’s brother and family.  This was supposed to be their Christmas gift this past Christmas, but life decided to through a few curve balls and it didn’t get finished.  My goal is to complete it and get it to them long before this years Christmas.  I’m scrapping this altogether.  I hated, I mean, really, really hated how it was coming out.  So…forward thinking to this coming Christmas, what to do?
  12. Simplify life.  LOL.  Are you laughing?  I’m laughing.  I have all these big goals listed here and then there is this…simplify life.  I’m not even sure how I am defining it.  Maybe it will be crossing a bunch of these time eaters listed above off my list.  Maybe it will be making simpler decisions about meals, clothes, etc,…I do not know.  Not yet.  But I’ll know when I am on the track I want to be on, and then maybe I’ll be able to define this more.  Well…we may just really have to look at the definition of “simplify” here.  There are many who would argue that I’m only making my life crazier; however, there is always a means to an end and well…my means to get to the end goal is necessary at this time.  Plus, it makes me unavailable.  To anyone.  Unless it is a life or death emergency.  Oh, and I like it.  See Goal #8, that whole “super secret” thing that I’ll talk about later.

So, there you have it.  An update.  From me.  😀 And a hint at what is to come….there is some behind the scenes stuff going on a FPR and well, believe it or not, I actually have a notebook now for planning posts and stuff. Haha!  We’ll see if I can get this rolling again.  

Be blessed peeps!!


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