Why is the road always paved with good intentions?

Seriously, what is it about that road and it’s pavement being good intentions?  Is blacktop not good enough for it? You know how this road gets paved right?  It looks a bit like this:

Oh, I need to get back on top of blogging. *cough, cough, ahem*

Oh, I need to workout more.

Oh, I should really try to get on “______” (fill in the blank) committee.

And on and on it goes. Intentions.  Seems like every day is filled with the best of intentions and thus, that proverbial road is paved. Over and over and over again.

I mean seriously, how many times have I said (or posted :O ) that I need to get back on top of my blogging?  Um, that really was a rhetorical and not literally question. 😛

Now, all that sass being said, I really DO want to get back on top of my blogging.  I miss all of you, I miss the creative outlet, oh, and I have SO much I want to share with you all! 🙂 🙂

Like the crazy roofing adventure.  Oh my!  And my youngest two are driving.  And my youngest tests for black belt soon.  And I’m a brown belt now.  And I started hunting last fall.  And…and…and…

See, so much is going on and has been going on and projects, and adventures and, and, and….

Ok.  So, now my goal:  I want to blog at least once a week.  Right now.  And well, behind the scenes…get my fanny in gear on all the other plans I want to implement with this crazy, all-over-the-place, “oh my lanta, I can be so random at times” blog.

Does this sound like a good plan?  It feels like a good plan.  A wild & crazy plan.  But this is me, so wild and crazy just might work. Ha!

I adore each of you and I am so honored that each of you has chosen to follow my little corner of the internet, sit on my front porch, and just reflect on all the amazing wonder in this world and God’s blessings.

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