Happens Today…

What’s happening around your neck of the woods today? (Ignore the dates on the pics…apparently there is an issue ~’oh Oak Tree, fitz the camera pweease.)  Here we are having working/resting day….that’s sounds strange. 🙂

A nasty, sicko child resting on the couch:

001 (2)

A generous younger brother playing games with the sick one:

002 (2)

A very studious, and focused Oak Tree:

003 (2)

I am truly not sure what this child is up to…it is possible he is playing with the other two via computers…maybe, possibly…

005 (2)

Me, well, not getting a pic of me :), but you can have a picture of the strawberry jam I’ve made today:

004 (2)

I know, sorry, I didn’t feel like doing a self-picture.  Be thankful I didn’t include a picture of the chicken coop getting cleaned out!  OOoooo, it was yucky today.

Are you ready for celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord tomorrow?  I am giving thought to what the day will and will not include: a roast with mashed potatoes, veggies and salad for dinner, but we will be starting off with Communion at home.  Then delighting ourselves in the celebration of the risen Lord!

Be blessed!

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