Technology, the time saver….I think not

Do you remember when computers became all the rage and they were touted, promoted and expounded upon as being these incredible time savers.  And we bought it, “oh, look, I just click here and here, and it’s read and gone!”  Or so we convinced ourselves.

And cell phones ~ those are pesky things too.  You no longer have the luxury of being “unavailable” unless you are blessed to be an area with no signal.  Hum…and even that is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Or, like me, you just turn the volume off when you want some “I’m hiding” time. 😀  I do the same thing with the land line…ringer is off probably 90% of the time.

Why have I decided to write about this today?


I spent the better part of two hours, yes, you read that right, two hours doing nothing but deleting “forwarded” emails today.  There were over 600!!  You know, the ones that come in and you think, “Oh, I’ll read that later” and three years later it’s still sitting in your inbox.  Come on now, I know I am not the only person guilty of this!!  Maybe just the only person willing to admit it. 🙂  Now, most of what I deleted today, accumulated over the last year!!

Over the years, I have grown to really, really dislike email.  It really is a big time waster.  Some have argued that Facebook is email on steroids, but I don’t think so.  With Facebook, I can scroll right past anything I don’t feel like reading…especially if someone has written a novel.  Email however, I have to click the box, then hit delete, and then wait…for the computer to actually talk to the internet and actually delete the item.  And if your really special, like I happen to be, then you have to go to your deleted folder and delete it AGAIN if you really want it out of your mailbox.

What is the big deal?  Let me put it this way: if you throw out 100 pennies you would in essence being throwing away $1.00.  I really don’t think anyone would just pick up a dollar bill and toss it in the trash.  Do you?  It would be literally just throwing away money!

I know pretty much everyone is familiar with the adage, “Time is money”.  So, let’s just say it takes me 15 seconds to delete one email.  In the grand scheme of things, 15 seconds is not a large chunk of time.  But if I have four emails to delete then that is an entire minute.  But let’s just say that I have 10 people who have each “forwarded” 4 emails to me (we’ll even let some be duplicates 🙂 ), then I have 40 emails to delete.  That’s 10 minutes of my day…gone…never to return again.  See how that adds up…and quickly.

Now, I realize that I am exaggerating, greatly, on how long it takes to delete one email, but there is a point here.  When we send email to others, not only are we using our time, but ultimately, we are using THEIR time!  Whoa!…never thought about it that way.

Now, I am all for informational email.  In fact, I have several people that we do email communications with each other…and we don’t live that far away from each other.  But, what we are doing is respecting each others time.  It may not be super time sensitive.  If it is, we pick up the phone and call.  On the flip side of that coin, I have a couple friends that we have scheduled a weekly phone conversation.  Yep, again…respecting each others time.

It’s bad enough that the junk emailers spam our inbox’s with their promises of wealth, super, duper, never-before-seen discounted prices and well, some I just don’t think appropriate to repeat here. 🙂

Another issues with those pesky forwards, most of it is not even worth looking at: vulgar, disgusting, political (and both sides equally guilty), and negative, negative, negative.  It is rare that I see an encouraging, inspirational or inspiring email.  Maybe that is source, maybe that is pool to draw from, I truly do not know…for certain.

There is more than enough vulgarity, political rants, and negativity in the news.  And life, well, it throws it’s own batches of fresh baked trauma and drama of it’s own once in a while.  So why, why, would anyone want to sit down to their computer, open their email and take in yet another does of promiscuity, filth, and nastiness?  I personally, do not.

So, whilst I work on finishing up clearing out the email, cleaning out the files in email from the important stuff (bills, homeschool, homesteading, etc.) related, I am going to make use of those filter options.  In the mean time…

it’s a vacation auto-reply from me.

I am not trying to rain on anybodies parade, but what I am asking each of us to consider is this: is this worth my time to read (i.e: uplifting, encouraging, fruitful), and will it be worth someone else’s time to read, and will it be a blessing to them?  If the answer to either of these questions is ‘no’, then do not send it.  Another question to ask yourself is: will I offend, upset, or hurt someone’s feelings if I send this?  If the answer to this question is ‘no’, then again, do not send it.

There is more than enough negativity in the world…let’s not be intentional, or unintentional contributors.

Be Blessed!

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