Selective Squeamishnish…

Have you ever had deep-fried pickles? Okay, stop going ‘oooo, yuck’. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. They are amazing. So good. I had the pleasure of trying these several years ago at a Cajun style restaurant in Tucson. And prior to eating them, I had the same, ‘oooo, yuck’ reaction. But, Momma always said I should try new foods at least once. Momma was right.


Now, let’s apply this same principle, ‘trying new things at least once’ to life itself. Do you like reptiles? I personally am indifferent to them. I did the whole reptile thing in high school. I had two lizards. And I enjoyed them. Until I got sick. Really sick. Deathly sick. Evidence of source unfortunately went glaringly to the lizards. I still like lizards. They are very unique and interesting reptiles; however, I do not want to have them in my home anymore. There are several people however, who have a variety of reptiles in their homes, love them. Are highly involved in groups that revolve around learning more and educating people about lizards. I think that is awesome!


Do you like sky-diving? I have never had the opportunity. Came close once, then found out I was pregnant with my first born. At the time, responsibility kicked in and I have never tried, not yet. Maybe when all my kids are older, but that is my personal choice. Oh, there is the key phrase, “personal choice”. Now, please, I’m asking nicely now, do not use this phrase where abortion or eugenics are concerned, tends to get my ire up. In those situations, there is usually an individual who’s opinion should matter, but isn’t being considered. Enough said on those to topics…for now. Back to “personal choice”.


I have known several people over the years who absolutely hate cats. Now, this is a complete and total mystery to me personally, but hey, some of them it’s turned out to be that they were allergic to them, or a family member was severely allergic to them. Others, they just had one too many bad experiences with them and were done with cats.


I know that to be true in our house as well. One of my sons absolutely hates small dogs. He has just cause. Twice in his life, as he has been minding his own business he has had a small dog come up and bite him, hard, just because. He’s had bad experiences with small dogs and has no use for them. I understand this.


I have also known other people who want nothing to do with chickens. They have never been on a farm. They have never even been near a real, live chicken. They have no use for them. Oh, sure they enjoy eating the eggs and meat they can buy at the local grocery store, but beyond that, the idea of even being near one makes them freak out! Silly isn’t it? Lack of knowledge. There is another key phrase.


Lack of knowledge and personal choice, coupled with life experiences creates selective squeamishnish. Don’t believe me? Just think about for a few minutes about foods you won’t try, activities you avoid, animals that you fear. Why? Maybe you don’t know enough about it. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe your allergic to something in it. Maybe, just maybe, you tried it once before and wound up with a case of food poisoning.


Now, these are all emotional and experiential attitudes towards these items. Can we agree on that? Be honest now. Truly, they are our opinions. Period. And, let’s be even more honest with ourselves, we tend to judge other people based upon these “opinions”. Our government, local and federal, tends to legislate based upon their opinions (no, really, most do not care or even want to know what your opinion is). And none of this is right. Period. Just because I think it’s strange that someone boils chicken feet for broth (sorry folks, I’m just not there yet), doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It also doesn’t mean that at some point I won’t develop the courage to try it (or just don’t tell me how the broth was made till after I’ve tried it. 🙂 ).


The point to all of this is to get you thinking about how you see things, judge things, and explore the world. Yes, there are some things that are just down right wrong: adultery, stealing, lying, and murder to name just a few. I want us to think. I want us, especially our government, to examine life as emotionally detached as possible. One of my favorite lines from a movie is actually a quote by Aristotle, “The Law is reason, free from passion”. Maybe, we should add to Aristotle’s observations on the law to include life choices.


I like chickens, cats and dogs. You like lizards, snakes and wombats. Who is right and who is wrong?



 Be Blessed.

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